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Next we have the wavy coat type, which come across as more of a mixture of poodle curls with the a golden retriever’s straighter style coat.

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Breeders are welcome to use this pedigree service for one or all of the litters they produce.

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He is such a great boy and everyone is immediately impressed by his calm and sweet demeanor. More…

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We do not do any in line breeding. More…

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She got cards and calls from anguished folks 'Where is Mambo, most of which also inquired 'Is she OK, has she been hurt?' Terry went to meet with the administrators to talk about it. She was told what a huge difference she made, and even though she is not allowed to take any pictured in the facility, she was shown to a post board, which contained a clandestine acquired set of photos, of Mambo with her patients. Terry noted that even if they were in pain while stretching, or struggling to get up, if they were touching Mambo, they usually had some form of smile on their faces. Terry decided, no matter how hard the experience is on her and on Mambo, the good that comes from it, to truly desperate people, many of whom have no one else in the world, over weighs the difficulty of going there. She will miss a date, if she has to take her own Mom to a doctor's appointment, or if something else is wrong, but for the most part Wednesday's are dedicated to these most needy of needy folks, and Terry gets her warm feeling of helping, where her help is needed the most. Advantage has a new ingredient that will kill fleas at all life stages.

We have high quality, very calm parents and we come highly recommended by our veterinary office.

She was a small female from your 11/30/16 litter.

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