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com, labradoodlerescue.

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We are premier breeders of home raised puppies.

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These dogs sometimes end up in shelters because a Goldendoodle dog breeder, or someone who had Goldendoodle puppies sale was not able to find a home for all the dogs. More…

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The most difficult time to maintain the coat tends to be when the puppy coat is being shed at around 8 months of age and this is often the time that people will decide that a trip to the groomer is in order. More…

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I flew from Kansas City 2 times to get them and boy was it worth it!They are the best dogs I've ever had for sure. Easy to train, great with my kids and just adorable. Murphy is a HUGE 60lbs already goofball with great personality. Maggie is a small sweet gentle girl. They love each and fight some just like siblings!They walk or run 2 miles every night with me and we get stopped constantly with people saying how gorgeous and obedient they are. Wanting to know what kind of dogs they are and how they can get one.

Thelma is in the ICU now at the hospital and is fading fast.

They are social dogs and happiest with their people, though not overly needy.

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