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The idea was to create a breed with the great temperament of the family friendly Golden Retriever along with the intelligence of the Poodle.

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It’s a dog that is fairly new and very popular across the world, growing in popularity on a regular basis.

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Her blood work and urinalysis were fine. More…

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Because they're trying to breed dogs to conform to physical standards and thus win at dog shows, breeders have resorted to breeding relatives with each other e. More…

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Some of our neighbors claim that Astro is their favorite dog in the neighborhood, as he tries to get a belly rub out of anybody. In his short 6 months we have been to multiple lake trips, camping, and the beach. He adjusts perfectly to every environment which makes it easy to take him with us everywhere. If only it was possible to have a Chili Rory dog for the rest of our lives, we most certainly would!Thank you for such a wonderful, hilarious, and handsome puppy!" "First, let me say, our sweet pup Winnie is nothing short of perfection!We are so in love with her!She was potty trained using the bell method less than two weeks after we brought her home. She also quickly learned sit, shake, lay down, stay, wait, and more. She loooooves kids so much.

And her beautiful cinnamon colored coat continues to grow more curly and soft.

Poodles are known to be non shedders, or hypoallergenic dogs.

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