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Tara O’Farrell, also know as Tara Make Up in social media circles, said she checks her dogs, Teddy and Ruby’s teeth regularly and gives them a dental stick every week or so.

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We were fortunate enough to have found a gentleman who had 25 years of vaccination experience that really changed everything for us!His knowledge turned the tables with ONE vaccine!New high titer low passage vaccines are most effective than older vaccines even in the presence of maternal antibodies, and have narrowed the window of susceptibility that occurs between declining levels of maternal antibodies and acquired immunity produced by the vaccination. More…

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My sphynx get it in ears on there deep soiled area and stinky bums. More…

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a designer dog of their day if you will?What is a goldendoodle?An intentional cross breed to get a desired result. Thank you. 'nuff said. Some of us want a mix breed that has the benefits of a poodle and retrieve, the lower chance of problems from a mix breed, and from a reputable breeder, enabling us to look at the history of the parents so we can estimate the chance of genetic disease or other problems carried through. Just going to the pound to get any old mix breed dog is not the same, you shouldn't be so ignorant to truly think it is. We have an amazing Goldendoodle!I spent a lot of time researching them before we decided to take the leap and purchase one.

Thank you both so much for such amazing dog.

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