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Due to the highly intelligent nature of both golden retrievers and poodles golden doodles are also easily trainable.

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Paxton is assimilating quite well in his new environment and doesn't seem to mind the nice sunny weather of Miami FL!A special thanks to Premier Pups for ensuring our adoption of Pax and his subsequent travel to Miami was as smooth as possible.

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If you have any questions or would like to arrange a viewing please call or reply via this advert. More…

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Her tail, face, and legs are much more red, and there is darker red at the base of her coat, so I think she will become more red with time. More…

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No one knows why this happened or what caused the mass. Thanks. Does anyone have experience with a Depo Medrol shot?Two weeks ago my 10 year old Boston Terrier had to go to emergency where she was diagnosed with glaucoma. After trying to control it with medicine and draining fluid to reduce eye pressure, I ultimately opted to get a gentimicin injection to permanently control the glaucoma. They also gave her a Depo Medrol injection for inflammation. The day after the steroid injection she peed quite a bit in her sleep.

However, they don't shed, are very allergy friendly, and if the hair is kept short, it's easily manageable.

We don't have the heart to trim her as others do but she is brushed and trimmed when necessary.

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