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Rescue groups that specialize in adoption work very, very hard to help adult dogs find good homes.

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Puppies are the most affected by this disease and it is not always caused by the pup coming into contact with other sick pups, dogs or infected feces.

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Our puppies are raised in a loving home environment. More…

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She is the Absolute smartest dog I've ever seen and has a wonderful nature about her. More…

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At least in these early months of her life, she's been craving plenty of exercise and the company of other dogs, she runs/plays off leash every morning for over an hour every day, and goes to day care from 12 5 every weekday where she plays with other dogs. We also give her two short walks in the evening. On weekends, we are sure to get her out for a long hike, no matter what the weather. When she is not running around with us or her dog pals, she likes to keep me or my husband in view, preferring to rest in a room where we are working. She's not a cuddly dog but very social, she likes being a regular loyal presence. She is super friendly and has a tail wag for every human and nearly every dog.

He is a very loving dog.

The coat of this mixed breed ranges from a shaggy, retriever type coat to a curly, Poodle type variety.

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